Garden makeover

Garden Makeover in Ely

On the face of it this Garden Makeover in Ely Cambridgeshire appears to be quite a challenge. Over the years it had become very dated, the material were worn and grimy looking. Even the planting had lost any semblance of structure and design. The brick walls were cracking along the top courses due to frost damage, even dangerous in places. 

There really was nothing I could work with, even the gate entrance was in an awkward place.


Image of garden before makeover


Where to start on this garden?

There wasn’t anything worth saving, so I decided on treating it as a blank canvas.

The client brief was to make it low maintenance, quite modern and it must have somewhere for the bins. So that gave me a lot of scope to create a design. Starting with an angular layout a plan was drawn up.


Once the layout was started to take shape it became obvious where the gate should go. Therefor the logical location for the wheelie bins was also revealed. I came up with an ingenious solution for hiding them. By putting up a low fence panel paint the same colour as the garden walls and then putting a boldly coloured trellis in front, they became invisible.


Other Hard Landscaping Materials.

The paving slabs are called ‘Perfecta’ from Marshalls. They are a very smooth slab with chamfered edges. They have a very modern look and are ideal for minimised trip risks. I wanted the benches in the middle to match the clients own handmade oak chair. So I used dry aged oak to make the seats. This was a pricey option compared to other woods but, worth it for this detail.

For the lawns I installed artificial because it filled the ‘low maintenance’ brief. I also looks pretty good and will stay that way all year round. 


Next this Garden Makeover in Ely needs some finishing Touches.

Once the boundary walls had been painted they were tidied up with a coat, or three, of paint. We chose a bright cream colour and that really brightened up the whole garden. Because there were no establish plants yet the walls looked quite bare. So we added some brightly coloured trellis to break it up until the plants grow. In the centre of the benches in a clever table. The centre section is removable and this transforms it into a fire pit. Ideal for sitting out on cool evenings. Fire pit table from Amazon.


Happy Customer

This client was delighted with the result, which really suited his needs. So much so that I was commissioned to do another makeover in the front garden.


So if you are looking for a garden makeover in Ely, please get in contact.