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Ponds and Water Features

From expansive lawns to compact town gardens, we will help you to get the most from your garden.

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Small Town Gardens

Stylish designs to make the most of small spaces

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Formal Gardens

Traditional English Gardens in formal designs to create the most elegant gardens.

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Striking Features and Focal Points

Making a bold statement with a Garden Pod in Cambourne

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Courtyard Garden

All of our gardens are carefully designed to fit with your needs.

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Skilled planting design to brighten your space.

Careful design of planting schemes ensure maximum enjoyment of your new garden

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Creating great gardens in Cambridgeshire for over 20 years. Specialising in small gardens and courtyards.

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Small gardens

With more pressure on available land for housing there a been steady reduction in the size of our gardens. It is now more important than ever to plan and design carefully to get the most from the available space. A good design will enhance your property, I offer years of experience to help you achieve great results.

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Larger Gardens and Estates

During the last twenty years I have had the privilege of working with the owners of a number of larger properties, here in the UK and in France and Spain, creating designs and plans for up to 60 acres of land. Including access roads, orchards, mazes, arboretums, lakes, meadows and formal gardens. I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges.

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3 Dimensional Garden Designs

3d garden design has been around for a long time now but until now it has been quite basic due to the practical limitations of the available software and hardware. It's only recently that the computing power has been available for it to begin to reach it's true potential. Virtual photo realistic images can be achieved, or even CGI movie type fly through. Of course this is still limited by time/cost but even simple 3d plans can be of huge benefit in planning and helping customers understand designs fully before committing to an expensive landscaping build.

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TV, magazines, radio and other media

I am available for media work, so if you have an article that needs writing or you need a personal presentation, please contact me. I have previously been published in several gardening and other magazines as well as newspapers. I have appeared on BBC radio gardening shows and worked on the production and development of a TV show called the biking gardeners as well as appearing in Gardening Neighbours.

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Another small garden in a new build home.

I swear the house builders are dumping more rubbish than ever in peoples gardens! Just below the (badly layed) turf in this small garden was a huge amount of rubbish, mostly broken masonry […]

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Looking for a Landscaper in Northstowe?

Then look no further. Here is another Northstowe garden I designed and landscaped this summer.
This one is for a small but growing professional family who originate fro Southern France and Spain, They wanted […]

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