A colourful garden in Northstowe one of the enties for landscaper of the year

Landscapers in Northstowe

I thoroughly enjoy my work. Never more so than when I have a garden like this to create. It really is a landscaper’s joy! Of all the landscapers in Northstowe I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to design and landscape this garden for a client who loves to garden. In this scenario the project becomes a real collaboration and sharing of ideas. Because of this I know the finished garden will be well looked after and mature to be just as I envisioned to reach it’s full potential.



A fantastic balanced garden

The proportions and scale of this garden are just right.  So there is a perfect balance between hard surfaces, open green space and colourful planting. When you get that right you just know that is going to be a beautiful garden. All too often the balance is off with overly large patios dominating the garden or too much empty space. 

As a simple guide if you are designing your own garden, you should follow the rule of thirds. One part Patio, one part lawn, one part planting.

Okay so it’s not a rigid rule but it’s a good start work from if you want to achieve a well balanced design. 

You can add or take a bit either way from there until you find your sweet spot.



A place for the children

I love the space for the children here. Tucked away behind it’s own picket fence and it’s more of a compliment to the rest of the garden than an intrusion. Once the children outgrow this space and can be repurposed with more colourful planting or you could make it into a vegetable garden. Though perhaps you would prefer a hut tub under the stars? The options are endless but, whatever it becomes the space itself is scaled nicely with the garden. So it will fit in well with the overall design without any dramas.



High demand for landscapers in Northstowe

With so many new homes being built by multiple developers at the same time, there is a very high demand for landscapers in Northstowe. There are a number of reputable and skilled landscapers in the area, but high demand at this level leaves room for the unscrupulous to insinuate themselves. 

It is easy to understand that you may be frustrated by long waiting times to get your garden how you want it. However it is important not to let timescale be the deciding factor in commissioning a landscaper.

Please check out their portfolio of work. An established business will have a website, not just a Facebook page and you will be able to see more than just a handful of past projects. If they have previously done work in your local area it should be no problem for them to put you in touch with another customer they have done work for to act as a reference.

So when you’re choosing your landscapers in Northstowe be sure to pick one who will love your garden as much as you do..


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