Winters have passed, good designs last.

Cambourne garden before


My inspiration for this post came when I received an email from an old customer which began, “You transformed our wonderful garden, many moons ago, in Cambourne…”



I’d forgotten this one but, having been reminded, it is certainly worth sharing in a post as it is a good example of how a good strong design can really transform a space, even when the construction budget is quite modest.

The finished design for the Cambourne Garden

The finished design

This garden is at the back of a modern town house, it is quite long and very narrow. There was also the prospect of further building at the back, which would overlook the garden. My clients were keen to have a contemporary look but polished granite floors and white Tyrolean rendered raised beds were beyond their budget.

Looking back towards the townhouse

Looking back

The trellis screen masking the shed and wheelie bin area

The trellis screen














The design I created for them used a simple series of squares set at 45° and a trellis to hide the space where a shed would later be positioned. The use of the squares at 45° makes the garden appear much wider whilst still allowing deep enough planting pockets to break up the fence line and the trellis shortens view slightly, masking the utility area and adding to the appearance of greater width.


Garden Design viewed from the first floor

1st floor view

It’s always very gratifying to hear from old customers who are still very pleased with their gardens.

As Cambridgeshire and Norfolk continues to fill up with new housing the gardens provided are getting smaller and smaller, if you or a friend find yourself in a situation where you need help to decide on the best way to make the most of your small garden them please contact me, I’d love to help.

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