Why choose Gardner’s Gardens?

There are a lot of landscapers out there to chose from, which one is right for you?

To some extent that will depend of the nature of your project, if you just want something to tidy the place up, put down some gravel and cut back the forest of brambles at the end of the garden then an unskilled man with a van might well be the right choice.

However if you want a garden that will be a real addition to your home, somewhere that will provide you with a beautiful, usable outdoor space, then you probably need a professional.

The catch is, it is not always easy to spot the good guys from the cowboys. Plenty of companies and individuals use third party developers to produce their websites to make them look more professional (I do it myself) some will even go to the extent of using images of gardens and landscaping that are not their own work, but even if that is not the case the photos shown my not be representative of their normal standard of landscaping.

Look for website with photos of lots of different projects, not just one or two carefully selected examples of their best work. We all like to showcase the the most glamorous examples but not every budget will stretch as far as we would like. So does the landscaper still build the lower budget gardens with the same attention to quality?

Everything published here is all my own work, from design to build unless otherwise stated. For over twenty years I have been taking on clients for projects as small as a few square meters of decking to designing large estates, which has given me a wealth of experience in all aspects of creating gardens, from design to full landscaping and construction.

As well as a wealth of photos and videos of past projects, I have many clients who would be happy to vouch for the standard of my work and tell you all about their own gardens.

If you would like to arrange a no obligation visit to discuss your own garden please contact me;

James Gardner 07927 328853 or email; enquiries@gardnersgardens.co.uk.


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