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It’s looking like there will soon be a need for for a Garden Designer and landscaper in Waterbeach. I have driven past the site main access gate on the A10 several times recently and the infrastructure and groundwork is really coming along. Information on when the first new homes will be available is somewhat Vague. From what I tell tell it seems that it may be Summer 2023. Information on completion of the development is a lot clearer and it is expected to be around 2040 before the development is complete.

The Waterbeach New Town website



What will it be like?

Following the trend from other new towns in the area, such as Cambourne and more recently, Northstowe, green space and sustainable transport feature prominently. There is plenty of provision for landscaped routes though the town making walking and cycling an attractive proposition. Multiple school sites all have good walking routes and cycle ways so they can easily and safely be reached from anywhere in Waterbeach,. This includes the old village which has also been linked in via a green corridor.



Small Gardens

Though there is plenty of public landscaped space, the private gardens appear to be mostly very small, even for modern homes. This makes having a good design and carefully planning your private space even more important.

 I am not stranger to this, I have been taking a special interest in designing and landscaping courtyards and small gardens for over twenty years, You can do so much with them and a smaller space means less work to maintain and keep your garden looking nice. With the right allocation of space and quality materials even the tiniest of gardens can be a treasured extension of your home.
One of my biggest early influences as a designer was the Moorish gardens of Southern Spain. I am an ardent fan of The Royal Alcazar in Seville and The Alhambra in Granada both of with have some truly beautiful courtyards. I have also made several visits to Morocco itself to study the gardens and architecture. In fact much of the formal layout and structure of the grand English gardens was copied from the Moors.



Transport Links

Already on of the cycle routes can be seen clearly from the A10. The landscapers have been busy creating the route through a strip of land set back from the main road. This track runs though and area of mature pine trees and already looks fantastic.
The big infrastructure project will be a prestigious new train station in the town itself. This involves the closure and relocation of the old Waterbeach station. This will provide fantastic links to Cambridge and on to London making Waterbeach an ideal commuter town.
Then there is the obvious proximity to the A10 Great Cambridge Road. North is Ely Kings Lynn and the Norfolk coast. Souths takes you to Cambridge and London. The A10 has also been slated for a major upgrade to a two lane dual carriageway between Cambridge and Ely which will greatly improve journey times.



I look forward to soon being a Waterbeach Landscaper

It’s always nice to be one of the first design and landscape a garden on a new development.  It gives me a unique insight into the town as I watch it grow, from that very first garden and throughout the years as subsequent projects arise.
So if you are going to be or already are one the first Waterbeach New Town homeowners I look forward to the prospect of meeting you and helping to complete your home with a fantastic garden and starting my journey as a Waterbeach Landscaper.



Waterbeach Town Plan

The Waterbeach Town Plan