Town garden Design and Landscaping. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Potager, herb and vegatable raised beds in CambridgeThis property has a fairly small garden, or should that be gardens? It wraps around the property on three side and with a boundary very close to the house on all sides, it is effectively three small gardens, linked by two long pathways.
it was decided that the garden nearest the kitchen should be a small potager for growing herbs and a few simple vegetables. We laid this out around a small, central Lilly pond, creating a series of geometrical raised beds made from Oak.narrow garden, Cambridge. modern design
A long narrow pathway links this to the next garden by passing under three iron arches which are planted with Clematis and Roses. These arches beautifully frame the view from one garden to the other.
The boundary along this path is a mix of hawthorn and Ivy hedge which has been a little neglected in the past. We have planted additional climbers such as Clematis and Jasmine at the base of the hedge to add more colour and interest.
The next garden is slightly more formal with an arching lawn and a cobbled seating area. It has a small water feature and is viewed from the living room and kitchen. The grass is artificial for ease of maintenance.

The third garden is a square courtyard, with high brick walls on two sides. Stone sets have been laid around a central raised brick bed. At the center of the design is another water feature. The planting here is full and soft, featuring lots of lush greens. This area is for evening entertaining, with room for a large table and chairs as well as having the wall of the central bed at a convenient height for casual seating.

The overall effect has been to link all of these sections together with a very effective but subtle, intricate paving design using a unique blend of natural sandstone. Alternating sets and slabs and mixing stone from different quarries makes a usually dull element of the garden into something quite special.

Both the client and ourselves are very pleased with the results of this garden design.

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