The importance of front gardens.

Front gardens are often neglected or paved over in favour of parking and yet they can make such a difference to the appearance of your home. Not to mention giving you a real warm welcome feeling when you arrive home after a hard day.

front garden design with staggered sandstone path to front door and gravelled drive. Olanted with a selection of low growing mediterranean plants

Most often people feel that the front garden doesn’t matter so much as it is not where they spend their time but it can be a very pleasurable space. In these times where we exit our front door, step into the car and drive away, we often fail to connect with our neighbours but just putting a bench out front to sit on and drink a cuppa whilst the sun is on that side can be all it takes to improve the feel of community and belonging as you have more opportunity to wish passers by a good day and speak with other who live nearby.

If your concerns are more mercenary an attractive front garden can add to both the saleability and desirability of your property.

Just watch this short video to see for yourself how much more appealing this home became after the implementation of a very modest new garden design and simple landscaping.

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