‘The Cabin’ my new Garden Office

A perfect fully insulated garden office for our base in Cambridgeshire

It’s been on the back boiler for a while but in late 2017 I finally got around to building myself a new office in the garden.

We have been remodelling the garden to a new design now that the children are older and this will be it’s 3rd incarnation in the 14 years or so that we have lived here, and believe me I had some regrets abouts the substantial footing and base of the last build when it came time to dig it all out again, that was  hard work!


Our garden runs out a a slight angle and tapers in towards the far end so the new layout has been designed to align everything with the house, not the boundaries.


The result is very pleasing, I have fully insulated the walls with Celotex, a very advance and efficient insulating material, which allows wall thickness to be kept to a minimum to preserve internal space and it is lovely and warm inside, even in January.

It also has it’s own electric consumer unit and loads of sockets including some with built in USB chargers and Wi-Fi. 16 super bright LED recessed ceiling lights makes it a lovely bright place to work as doe the view of the garden through  a double glazed UPVC window.

Inside I have opted for a rustic ‘log cabin’ feel, I’m an outdoor kind of guy’ with a light brown stained tongue and grove planking on the ceiling and two walls, the other two opposing walls are plasterboarded and will have large photographic murals of Autumn sunlight streaming through a pine forest (at the time of publishing I am still waiting for this to arrive).

As there is far more space in here than I need just for my office It is also equipped with a sofa bed and wall mounted TV with concealed cables connecting the PC and  X boxes, making it an ideal multi function space where the boys can play or do their homework when I’m not using it or as a guest room for visitors.

All in all it has been a very worthwhile project and a great enhancement to our home.

If you need something like this for your home I am adding it to my repertoire and can build one for you starting from £7,000 fully wired and fitted with all insulation and no hidden extra costs. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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