So much dishonesty and deception.

Whilst reviewing my internet presence and carrying out the tedious but necessary process of checking my position on Google etc. I have been looking at the websites of some other ‘Garden Designers’ in my area.

There are a handful who, like myself, have been doing this for some time and have well established websites displaying various work from their portfolios, there is also a noticeable increase in newcomers who are showing images of work that is clearly not their own. To some extent this may be because they are new in the business and don’t have any work to show yet but it’s not always made clear that what they are showing are ‘design ideas’ rather than their own work.

So if you are choosing a garden designer please, if you are in any doubt, ask them if the photos on their websites are their own work or not. There is nothing wrong with giving new people a chance and I am extremely grateful to those who patronised me in my early days, just be sure you know what you’re getting into.

Good luck with your garden project and whoever you select to help you you with it, I hope it turns out to be everything you dreamed of.

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