See your new garden with clear 3D designs

Before you spend out on a landscaper it is important to know and understand what they are quoting for and that you will be pleased with the end result. I can provide simple 3D designs with my quotes so you can see a clear visualisation of the proposed new garden.



Isn’t technology wonderful.

I used to spend days drawing out new designs with fine ink pens on a drawing board. Actually I quite enjoyed it, it was very meditative, but doing things that way ate up so much time and often revisions meant starting again from scratch. The early 3D software for garden design was really horrible, functionality was extremely limited and the end result looked like a child had done it. Now though garden design and CAD software can be used to create anything from simple line drawings to fully photo-realistic renders.



What can you expect from from a 3D garden design by me?

For most small gardens I produce a 3D design completely free as part of the quote process. As it’s free there is of course a limit to how much time I spend on it. A detailed phot realistic version of the design above would take days and the additional software required would add up to a small fortune. So, I have to keep it to a fairly basic render but, as you can see from the illustration, it’s more than enough to give you a real feel for the finished product.



Only cowboys give verbal quotes

Before a landscaper breaks ground you and he, should know what is expected. If you don’t have a clear plan to accompany a quote disputes are almost certain to arise and with no clear plan to refer to it will be very difficult to resolve. I don’t tell you this to sell myself, well not entirely. Whoever you commission to design and landscape your garden, make sure you have a plan as a point of reference that is tied to the quote.



These are real 3D models, not just a perspective drawing

Once a 3d plan of your garden has been created you can ask to see what your new garden will look like from any view point, this will really help you have a deep understanding of how different objects will interact. You can see all the heights and levels at scale, showing steps, fence heights, sunken areas, and decking platforms. Everything you need to be as sure as possible that the design works before you spend a single penny.



What about the BBQ?

It’s all taken care of. You will be able to see how your patio looks with furniture, where the BBQ fits in, the sunny spot with lounger and even where the whirly gig will be positioned. Once we are at that stage it’s just a couple of clicks to see what and object would look like elsewhere, swap the dinning set for the lounge set, move the water feature to the other wall.
want to know what the visual impact of the kids trampoline will be? You got it.


If you have any questions, please contact me.