Refreshing a Cambourne Family Garden with an all new design

A Tired looking family garden, the grass is patchy and overgrown, it vcontains broken furniture and a ramshackle patioPets and children had all taken their toll on this Cambourne family garden.

It was in desperate need of  a new look.

a 3d drawing showing how the new garden is split into 3 different levels.I incorporated retaining walls of sleepers to split the garden into multiple levels and make it much simpler to keep the lawn cut and tidy.


The original garden have several plants worthy of preserving, especially the birch trees and some of the shrubs along the back fence.



After the landscaping work the new lawn and sandstone patio



As a landscape gardener the was quite a lot of heavy work to be done in creating the new levels, made all the more difficult by Cambourne’s sticky, heavy clay soil.



The new, level lawn after turfing


A screen of low fencing with a pergola for climbing plants was used to screen the driveway from the patio area.


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