New Design for a garden on a sloping site

I’ve just completed this simple design for a garden on a sloping site.

Sloping garden design, new build home

Situated on a new build estate in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, this presented several issues which needed to be addressed by the garden design.

Firstly the pergola with the screened back is to reduce the impact of pedestrians passing along the footpath just beyond the fence and create more privacy for the clients when they are sitting out in their garden.

With the garden orientated to run from right to left there was a need to reduce the the visibility of the upper floor windows of the neighbours. This is achieved by including two new trees to create a screening effect.



Pergola and patio design.A narrow border along the back fence as viewed from the house, allows for a series of roses and clematis to be planted to cover the fence and enhance the view out from the house without reducing the appearance of the depth of the garden.

The overall effect is a clean and open space to maximise the limited amount of sunlight this garden receives throughout the day.


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