Garden for a Farmhouse in Peterborough

phot of Peterborough garden before landscaperSometime just tackling one small section of a garden can make a huge improvement to the whole.

In this case the house had been extended and resulted in a sloping garden running down to the back of the house with no patio or seating area.

before view from garden


I suggested setting out a seating area slightly away from the house and raising it a little, as opposed to cutting it into the bank, so that it would flow onto the rest of the lawn.

At first the client couldn’t fully visualise this but with the help of the design drawings, they were convinced.3d Plan showing the design of the steps and patio,



The soil was heavy clay so around 16 tonnes was removed and taken away before I could do anything else. Next foundations for the retaining walls were cast before bricking up the walls themselves.

shows the construction partway throughThen 6 tonnes of hardcore was used to backfill behind the walls to provide a stable base for the circular patio.

The paving used is a natural sandstone which will provide several lifetimes of use and it’s appearance will only improve with age as it wears smooth.


view from kitchen doorAround 10 tonnes of good quality soil was brought in to fill the raised planter, the planting areas and to act as a base for the new turf to blend in with the old lawn.The finished garden

I was really pleased with the result here, and so were the clients, it adds character to the garden and suits this old farmhouse well


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