Disabled Access Ramp Design.

I was just going through some old photographs and I came across these from last year when I was asked to design and build a ramp suitable for a powered wheelchair to access the high threshold of this bungalow.

The owner asked me because she didn’t like the look of any ramps she had seen elsewhere or the metal handrails. So she wanted one made of wood.
Because of the height of the step it needed to be quite a long ramp in order to keep the angle of incline manageable.
The non slip deck boards were easy to find and the rubber inserts were ideal, they look good and are very comfortable underfoot.
The rails though were not easy to find. All of the commercial decking products I looked into were not really suitable, in general they were not as sturdy as I required.
The solution was to manufacture all the components myself by cutting and shaping then on site. the result is something far more robust than anything I could have bought in.
Lastly I fitted a gate to stop the owners small dog from escaping when visitors called.
So I don’t just design gardens, and I found it very satisfying to build something that is of real benefit to the customer.
If I can do anything similar for you please give me a call.

James Gardner 07927 328853 or email; enquiries@gardnersgardens.co.uk

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