Creating a Large Garden From Scratch

This project on a large garden near Huntingdon and St Ives in Cambridgeshire took quite some time to get into shape and when we first visited this site it was a field with a horse grazing in it and full of weeds and very overgrown, there was also a huge amount of rubble builders waste another general old rubbish that just been dumped by the previous owner.

It was a fantastic challenge to design a new garden for the client which included a very formal English traditional Country House style garden. I needed to include lots of crisp geometry and some nice classical features this was achieved at the bottom end of the main garden so that from the lawn that the family could use immediately outside the house you would walk through a deep mixed border, up some stone steps and then into the formal designed of the garden which is highly structured with 4 quadrants pond in the centre and a water feature at the far end as a  focal point.

Beyond that is an informal wildlife pond and a small play area for the children with swings and climbing frames. To the left of the house and the main garden, where the horse Meadow was previously,  the client wanted a very large deep pond. To achieve this we first had to get the machines in scrape away all the topsoil and store that for later use.  We then excavated, from the mainly clay soil, a very large pond which held around 250 cubic metres of water.

To feed into the pond a natural looking stream was created, which runs from the side of the house down the hill into the pond, to create this stream we used around 15 tons of large sandstone rocks and a large amount of sandstone cobbles to line the bottom.

16 divisions we’re completed we then replaced the top soil back across the whole area and seeded it as a meadow with a good mixture of Native wild Plants and Flowers.  We also planted around 20 broad leaved native trees. The margins around the pond and stream were planted with bog plants and reeds which would naturalise blend all the edges and make it look as natural as possible.

We spent around two years on this design and landscaping project coming and going and completing each stage as the seasons and time allowed, over time it will develop and become a garden which I expect to last for many many years.

Formal Garden with Classical Features in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire


Natural looking water feature in a garden in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire

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