An Awkward family garden

Before photo showing a scruffy unattractive small gardenHere is another example of how I make best use of an awkward shaped garden. In this case it is also a very small space attached to a new build house in St Neots, Cambridgeshire3D view of a garden design.

Here I use one of the most versatile tricks in a garden designer’s playbook, which is to change the orientation of the garden so that the axis runs from corner to corner, creating a much longer looking plot.

The new seating area is created with decking in the furthest and sunniest corner of the garden. The unattractive fence behind is concealed with good quality lattice panels.

showing the garden after it has been landscaped

A curving path leads to the garage side door and the lawn is raise to get more light and better drainage. All areas have had a good amount of organic material added to improve the soil structure and fertility.

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