A Simple Family Garden in Downham Market

A Family Garden Before

A Family Garden Before

Many people would never consider consider using a professional garden designer but surprisingly, a professional design can be great value for money for even the most basic garden needs.


These photos show just how much of a difference a good design can make to even a very simple family garden.


And After this Norfolk garden was redesigned

And After

With a professional design starting from just a few hundred pounds you can be sure of avoiding costly mistakes before commissioning thousands of pounds worth of hard landscaping and construction work.


It could easily pay for itself in just what could be saved by avoiding unnecessary hardscape elements such as excessive amounts of paving or retaining walls which will account for the majority of your build costs.

Artificial grass is ideal for children and pets

Artificial grass is ideal for children and pets

Once you have your design on paper you can be sure that you are only spending money on the features you actually want and need.

Another hugely important benefit to having a plan is in avoiding costly and stressful disagreements and misunderstandings with your chosen contractor and if the worst case scenario should arise, the plan will be an essential piece of evidence for settling any disputes

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