A short video showing a project from design to completion.

This garden was designed for a client in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire for a very small garden on the back of a new build home. The garden sloped down from the house to the bottom of the garden the view from the back window was mainly of the side-wall of the house behind them, so I needed to create a garden that had enough interest and that was dramatic enough to foreshorten the view and to hold interest down on the ground within the garden rather than allow in the eye to be drawn up to the side-wall of the other house.

The sunniest spot in the garden was in the bottom corner so it made sense to create a sunken seating area that could be used for the family to sit out and enjoy a bit of sunshine in the evening.


A large shed was already in situ and having no garage it was important for the family to retain this, despite the fact that it took up a significant amount of the available space, so some sort of screening to hide the shed or at least mask it, was required to make the space look bigger.


I designed in a change of levels from the bottom area up to the top and to give a sense of more space and to give a feeling of more openness in the centre a small area of lawn was used. ¬†Because it was so small natural grass was impractical and, due to the lack of air circulation and light, would probably never have been of a satisfactory standard. So it was decided to use artificial grass. ¬†I have done many installations using artificial grass and the quality these days is exceptional and most people don’t even notice the difference
After the initial design it was found that they cost exceeded the budget, so some modifications were made and an alternative paving was used and instead of using brick and masonry to construct the retaining walls for the level changes we switched over to using timber sleepers. When all was done this really didn’t make that much difference on the overall impact of the garden and the final result was most satisfactory.

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