A Landscapers water feature

Any landscaper will tell you that a single bold statement feature can hold together an entire garden.

This project involved taking into consideration three major points of view. First was a 6m wide set of bifold doors framing the view from the kitchen, which really is the center of this home, plus two separate seating areas outside.

To add to the confusion the garden is an ‘L’ shape.A garden design drawing for an 'L' shape garden turned to 30°

With all this going on I needed to design in a striking focal point that would work from all the different points of view and tie the whole design together.

What I came up with is this blade waterfall feature which at 2.5m long by 1.3m high really gets your attention, not to mention the fabulous sound made by the water crashing into the reservoir below.

If you have need of a unique statement piece in your own garden please get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation.


James Gardner 07927 328853 or enquiries@gardnersgardens.co.uk

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